19 Mar

ABnote is Awarded Contract for Identification Cards for the Dominican Republic

Kategorie: ID Karten

New identification cards take advantage of state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing capabilities to provide exceptional durability and security.

Fort Lee, New Jersey – March 19, 2014 – ABnote, a leading global card manufacturer and provider of secure financial and credentialing solutions, announced that they, along with their partner, Copy Solution International (CSI), have been contracted to design and manufacture 7 million identification cards for the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic Central Electoral Board (JCE) will personalize the licenses locally.

As part of the pre-award evaluations, the cards were put through rigorous testing in a public setting, with representatives from government agencies, members of the Tender Commission, personnel from all companies involved, and the media. ABnote is supplying their Dura-7™ card, which has a lifespan of over seven years, to meet ISO requirements for identification card durability.  ABnote’s secure design team incorporated state- of-the-art security features into the card design, including DuoChrome+TM ink, a pigment exclusive to ABnote under license from LaserLock Technologies, Inc. This unique pigment  utilizes  green technology to change color instantly when viewed under fluorescent and other kinds of light sources, enabling immediate authentication.

“We were pleased to work with ABnote on this project,” said Ruben Cordero from CSI. “With over 200 years of experience in the international market, they are able to provide outstanding expertise in card security and engineering, while maintaining the highest quality in the manufacturing process.”

“Our vast experience and expertise in producing secure identification credentials affords us the hands-on knowledge to successfully deliver solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements for security, durability and functionality, ” comments Uwe Ludwig, CEO of ABnote’s International Business Unit. “It’s been a pleasure to work with CSI and the others involved in this project, and we look forward to a successful implementation.”