Secure Documents

We provide secure documents to clients around the globe and utilize the latest technologies and security features.

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Documents with individual security features

We provide secure documents and certificates to clients around the globe.

Our printing partners are all leading providers of high secure identity documents and certificates. Their secure print facilities, allow us to offer high quality and unmatched security .

We use all of the latest counterfeit-resistant technologies, from OVD, Secure inks and RFID chips, to nanotechnology and ultra-covert markers, as well as the tried and true solutions such as watermark paper, special inks, and intaglio printing.

We incorporate both hidden and overt features, security background designs, complex colors, and micro-text lines, all to ensure the integrity and authenticity of your documents.

We offer a great selection of secure printed documents and include the latest technologies and state-of-the-art security Features. Our documents are used as

  • Stock certificates
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Birth certificates
  • Voucher
  • diplomas
  • Death certificates
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Certificate of origin
  • Visa Label
  • e.t.c.